Having sex, whether for the first time or the first time with a new partner, is a big step that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Before you decide to take this step, there are several things you need to assess to avoid making a mistake that you may end up regretting.

Understand Why You Want To

If you are only considering having sex to keep a person interested, then it’s definitely a mistake. You should want to have sex only because you want to, not because the other person wants to. If on the other hand you think about it, and get aroused while around that person, then it may not be the wrong time.

Can You Have an Open Conversation?

If you can approach your partner about this topic and have an open discussion, then you may be ready. However, if you can’t talk openly about your expectations, or the conversation feels uncomfortable, it could easily end up being a mistake. Sex is awkward enough for a first time, you need to be able to talk about it before hand.

Are You Stable?

If you end up having to sneak away in the backseat of a car or use a friends house, it’s not a good time to decide to have sex. Both of you should be stable enough that you have a comfortable place to go.

Are You Being Realistic?

Understand that the first time with anyone isn’t going to be a steamy session ripped from the pages of a romance novel. If that’s what you are expecting, it’s not the right time to make this decision. Revisit when you can understand what will likely happen and separate it from fantasy.

Many couples who are interested in swinging don’t want the world to know. This is perfectly acceptable, especially given that it’s a lifestyle many don’t approve of or understand. Your career may be another reason you want to keep it under wraps. There are several ways you can discreetly swing.

Look Out of Town

Look for clubs that are a short distance from you. This will ensure you won’t run in to any locals you may want to avoid. If the drive is going to be a long distance, make a weekend out of it. Get a nice hotel room and spend some time at the clubs.

Be Clear About Discretion

If you let other swingers know you need to keep your activity under wraps, most are going to be okay with that. Swinging is a lifestyle that is often misunderstood, and most other couples are going to understand this. If you stick to the clubs you will be pretty safe. Almost all clubs have rules disallowing cameras or other recording devices, so you don’t need to worry about your photos ending up on the net for the world to see.


Another great way to enjoy swinging while staying discreet is by taking a swingers vacation. You can find resorts, cruises, and other outings that are geared towards the swinging community. Since all of the others on the vacation are also swingers, your discretion is almost guaranteed. If you have to find a sitter for the kids, just tell them you’re going on a vacation without giving too many details. No one will know but you and the other swingers you are involved with.

When it comes to swinging socializing you will find that there are a lot of different ways to go about it. It can be awkward at first and difficult to get into the scene but you will find that once you are there you will have very little trouble meeting new and interesting swingers.


Going to swinger’s clubs is a great way for you to get your foot in the door when it comes to the swinger’s scene. You will need to make sure that you get the names of swingers that you interact with at the club so that you can meet up with them again later on.


Typically, the best way for you to get in touch with other swingers is to go online. This is something that can help swingers to reach out to one another. Look at sites and swinger forums so that you can talk to fellow swingers and try to meet up with them. You will also be able to find dating sites that are dedicated to swingers. This is something that can end up being a lot of fun as you will meet people that are completely open to swinging.

Asking Around

While it may be something that is an awkward question to ask you may find that you end up meeting a lot of swingers this way. Whenever you are getting to know somebody mention casually if they participate or know anybody that participates in swinging. It’s something that is only a big deal if you allow it to be.

If you are in the UK then you are going to want to know all that you can about the UK swinging sites. There are going to be a lot of different sites for you to choose from. You will simply need to make sure that you know what you are looking for and that the site that you choose is one that is trustworthy and one that can actually provide you with the information that you need as opposed to false information that will get you nowhere.


There are a lot of different clubs that you can go to that will allow you to meet up with fellow swingers. There are also swingers clubs that you can go to that will allow you to engage in sexual activity with other swingers. This is something that a lot of different people prefer to do as opposed to having meetings at a stranger’s house. There are a lot of different UK swinging sites that will be able to provide you with information on all of the best places to have swinger’s meetings.


If you already know plenty of locations that you wish to go to for swinger’s meetings and are just looking for general information then there are sites for this as well. You will find that the sites that can provide to you the proper etiquette and what to expect are a dime a dozen.

In order to find some of the best swinging sites out there you are going to have to do some research. You will find that there are hundreds and even thousands of websites that are dedicated to swingers and the lifestyle that goes along with it. Because there are so many options out there it can be overwhelming. However, this is something that can help to raise your chances at finding the best one for you.


You will need to make sure that the swinger’s site that you go with is one that is informative. This is something that is especially going to be helpful if you are new to the scene. Find a site that has information that is helpful and will allow you to understand what the lifestyle is all about and what you should expect from it. These sites should be able to tell you about the different types of swinging that is out there and also the proper etiquette.


Look for swinger’s sites that can give you information about local swingers in your area. Whenever you are new to the scene or are just looking to broaden your horizons you will find that it can be difficult to put yourself out there on the scene. However, with a good local swinging site you will be able to get in touch with a large percentage of the swinger population that is in your area. Just be careful of you it is that you come into contact with whenever you first meet online.

Where to find local swingers?

It can be difficult and sometimes awkward to find local swingers in your area. You will find that this is especially true whenever you are new to the swinger’s scene and are looking to find the right group of people to have some fun with. Make sure that you are aware of the safe and best ways to find local swingers in your area.


If you go online you will be able to find a lot of different swingers in your area. Go to sites that specialise in local swingers, for example if you are based in Sheffield then find a site that has a large population of Sheffield Swingers. Go into the chat rooms or look on the message forums to get general information about the swingers that you are talking to. This is a place where they can all get together and arrange meetings. You will find that this is something that can be dangerous. Whenever you are meeting with other people online make sure that you are cautious and that you do not give away too much personal information.


If you are interested in going out and meeting other swingers in your area then the best way to do this is to go to a swingers club. There are more than likely swingers clubs closer to the bigger cities in your area. Go online to search for the nearby swinger’s clubs to get a good idea of what your options are. Usually, if you can find one swinger you will be able to get in touch with a lot more of them. Swingers typically will stick together and hang around each other.

Wife swapping is another form of swinging. In this scenario, couples get together and the wives go off with other men, allowing the husbands to have sex with the other wives. For men it can be exciting to think about their wives with other guys, and for women the excitement can come from being admired by other men. There are many reasons people choose to try this, and there are a few ways you can experiment with this.

Close Friends

If you have other couples that are close friends, you may be surprised to find out they may have thought about this. You can invite them over for a dinner and game night, and play a silly game like truth or dare. See how far you can push the envelope without making anyone uncomfortable. If things go well, you can try to swap with just 1 couple and see how it goes.

Swingers Parties

Another good place to try the wife swapping is at a swingers party. Since swingers are in to sex with other people, finding another couple, or a few couples, at these parties can ensure you find safe and open partners to try this with.


Jealousy can rear its head during these situations. If the thought of your wife being with another man turns you on, but also makes you angry, it’s best to leave this in fantasy land. The same needs to be applied from the woman’s perspective. It’s better to not toy around with a healthy relationship if you think it will damage it.