Wife swapping is another form of swinging. In this scenario, couples get together and the wives go off with other men, allowing the husbands to have sex with the other wives. For men it can be exciting to think about their wives with other guys, and for women the excitement can come from being admired by other men. There are many reasons people choose to try this, and there are a few ways you can experiment with this.

Close Friends

If you have other couples that are close friends, you may be surprised to find out they may have thought about this. You can invite them over for a dinner and game night, and play a silly game like truth or dare. See how far you can push the envelope without making anyone uncomfortable. If things go well, you can try to swap with just 1 couple and see how it goes.

Swingers Parties

Another good place to try the wife swapping is at a swingers party. Since swingers are in to sex with other people, finding another couple, or a few couples, at these parties can ensure you find safe and open partners to try this with.


Jealousy can rear its head during these situations. If the thought of your wife being with another man turns you on, but also makes you angry, it’s best to leave this in fantasy land. The same needs to be applied from the woman’s perspective. It’s better to not toy around with a healthy relationship if you think it will damage it.

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